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Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Rainy Day

My eyes are calling out for a new love
One to come and take the pain away
My heart is searching for a a new love
To save me from this reocurring rainy day.

Water splashes as we run through puddles
Hand in hand, we glide along, through it all
Across the grass and through the mud
A quick step, a light slip, and we fall.

Rolling around in the mud, lauging at passing cars-
Water running down your cheeks, I cant help but stare
And feel complete; within your eyes so pure-
They hold my heart so high, if only for a moment,
I begin to wonder why, why do you love me
Why are you here? What is it about me,
That keeps you staying near?

And then I remember, the way the curtain fell
And how you left me here all alone, living in this hell
And each and every morning, I awoke but felt alone-
I am cold and lonely, broken, pain streaming through my bones.

My eyes are weak, my stare is strong, together they fight,
To keep me moving on, but as I see you standing there
As I watch him playing with what was once My hair-
I realize that I've lost it all, though I may never know why,
And so all I can do now, is sit alone and stare,
Out that pale white window, that hides me from the rain.

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