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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WOOF Contest - 6/29

WOOF Contest – Top Picks


Zorlone – “Under the pale moon” - Events that occur to our mortal lives have been witnessed by the light of the pale moon. A poetry challenge to myself, inspired by the words of Robin of Robin's Nest.

Dragon Blogger – “Doggy Day Dream” - Whimsical poem about what dogs do when left home alone.

Jennifer M Scott – “Wicked Victory” - A surreal poem.

Jennifer M Scott – “At the Lake Haiku Series” - A series of haikus about swimming at the local lake.


Romeo -“ Memories in the Shadows” - A short story about the past, the love one can recieve from a loving mother, a caring sister, and the onset of a terrible medical conditon- all linked together by a river flowing freely through an open field.

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Other WOOF Contestants for 06/26/09

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Writing Nag – “How Else Could We Discover the Stars?” - What is story and how can you add the elements of good fiction to your writing. A short piece of fiction is discussed.


Zorlone – “I am my father's son - "This little tribute, to one of such great importance in your life, points out many things that you must have been taught from his word and deed. Such as the connection that you have to your ancestors, the responsibility that you feel towards upholding your family name, determination and education and perhaps you hint that life has made difficult the upholding of his ideals, yet he has persevered to be a great man and a great father." - Strawberry Girl

Romeo – “Memories of the Past - A elderly man recalls the love of his youth, battling the ever-present loneliness that comes with age.

Dragon Blogger – “Rescue From The Witch” - Fantasy poem about hunters rescuing a girl.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Memories of the Past

A mongrel walks politely
Through the warm summer streets
An echo of an older time
He sits and begins to eat-
He dreams of days long gone
A day once left for him
He sees the ancient photographs
Of the way things used to be.

And in the daze of morning
Beneath a cup of joe,
He sits silenty atop the mountain
Of aging dreams and snow.
A morning breathe of nicotene,
Strapped firmly to a chair
Sits and wonders patiently,
Why should he even care?
To breathe in this new world
Full of materialistic gold
The sons and daughters of the whole
Now just stories for the old.

Beneath the ancient sea,
Of a tempest on the coast,
He can feel the warm breeze whisper
Dreaming of the most
Precious thing hes ever seen
His angel from above
The one who once held him close
And showered him with love.

But now he sleeps alone,
A shadow of his past,
He sips his morning coffee,
Praying that his dreams will last.

Beneath the summer sweat,
That drips carelessly from his brow,
A single tear hides elegantly,
Pain and fear may never show.
To hide from futures bringings,
What may be just around the bend,
An echo of a simpler time,
Is clearly at its end.

Memories in the Shadows

When I was young my mother would sing to me. she sang sweet and tender melodies, the same that play in my head even now. And every night she would kiss my forehead, wish me all the joy in the world, and turn me over to the night.

And as I laid there restlessly, dreaming of the perfect joy, I could hear my heart beating, pulsing for her love.Nothing in the world, could ever compare to the happiness and compassion my mother showed towards me.

From a very young age I had no father, just a mother and a little sister. Their love was all I needed to get me through.

Each day I would go to school, and each day I would return. And even though the days got worse and worse,I knew that somewhere was my mother and her love waiting for me back home.

There was a small wooden path behind our yard, and every day I would take a walk through the woods to find a quiet place to rest and think. I came upon this wide river one day, beautiful, bright green grass shadowed by brilliant enormous trees. (I realize today that the trees weren't so big, but back then they appeared monstrous compared to my small, young body)There was a long path of rocks creating a bridge across this small river, leading off to a place I have never seen before. It seems as if this bridge was made by man, yet so beautiful and elegant it almost seemed impossible that such a chaotic creature could create such splendor and beauty in nature's depths.

The water ran through the river like my thoughts through my head, always pushing forward, engulfing and over running the many rocks and hollow walls that bar the path ahead. I sit near the rocks, dipping my feet carefully in the cold, clear, water. I sit and dream, thinking of all the world I have ahead of me… all the fun times, the bad times, the lovers, the friends… all the things life brings you, from the beginning to the end.

I wonder if I'll ever have, a lover like my mother, and I wonder even more curiously, how could my father ever leave her behind?

She is so warm and caring, so beautiful and elegant, she never caused a fuss, and never ever yelled or cussed.And as I sit here now, thinking about my life back then- all the opportunities, that had come and gone all the dreams I had but lost… all the world was my oyster, and the pearl was taken from me.

For as I sat upon those rocks, dipping my feet in the cool spring waters, I heard a rustling of the leaves behind me. Itwas my little sister, carrying a small white letter and a frown upon her face. As she moved closer, I could see a small tear in her eyes… "I don’t know why I'm sad" she said, handing me the letter- "I cannot read as of yet, but something is the matter"And as I read it swiftly, my head clear of all those dreams… I saw the pale black letters, spelling out the words: " I regret to inform you, my good friend Denim, but it appears the tests came back positive, glaucoma at its worst, and I also regret to inform you Sir, that you will be completely blind within the year. My sincerest apologies, Dr. Bill Terezakis "
Its been five years since that day, and I sit alone now, my mother gone. My sister met a man, and has moved to another state. She calls once in a while, to see how things have been. But there's not much that I remember, as my memory grows weary.

The only memory I will never forget, the only thing I can see as clear as that clear blue day, is that river, the rocky bridge, and the brilliant green flora that surrounded it… the cool feel of my feet against the water, and the warm soft breeze against my face.

Once in awhile, an old friend of mine leads me down to the river, where we just sit and talk; our feet dangling in the water.

That is the only time, where I can feel at peace, since losing my sight, everything has been taken from me, all the beauty in the world is hidden in the shadows, but, once I step foot in that river, the world comes flowing back to me, all the vibrant colors and the perfectly laid rock bridge, it all comes back to me, and for a brief few hours, I can almost see again.