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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Mirror's Dream

i am the numbness in your fingers
that helps you hide your heart-
and every second lingers
and burns when were apart.

take a look in the mirror
and let me know what you see
is it anything,
like you expected it to be?
is it like all your hopes?
your dreams? your memories?
locked eyes with a stranger
every move is the same.

self mutilation
chronic inebriation
what a combination
to suffocate in a dream
that once was full of love
we fit together,
like a hand inside a glove-
but when push comes to shove
will i still be the one
that you so devoutly love?

to save myself from hell,
this lovely wishing well-
throw a penny, a dime, a dollar
it doesnt matter
What the price is,
you will pay it with your life
but your dreams will come true
in that morning hue you hold
staring in the mirror
At the stranger staring
Right back at you.


Dragonblogger said...

Nice poem, I read it while voting for WOOF, really enjoyed your craftmenship of this one.

Kayla said...

Nice poem, interesting first line.